How ‘Bout A Quickie?

Post. A quickie post, people. 🙂 I was really hoping to have my first remodel post up and ready for this morning, but I’ve had six little kiddos needing some extra momma time this week so we’ll shoot for tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a quickie idea for all of you still stuck with heavy … Read more How ‘Bout A Quickie?

Giveaway Winners!

As I sit here writing this after watching the Super Bowl with Mr. Thrive and the Dirty Half Dozen, THRIVE has reached another milestone: 600+ followers.  This means more to me than I could possibly tell you … so I’ll just keep it simple and hope that it’s enough: Thank You. The winners for the … Read more Giveaway Winners!

It’s GIVEAWAY time!!

Happy Friday everyone! Once again thanks are in order to all of you who’ve stopped by, commented and shared your ideas on Thriving! One week ago today this little blog rolled past the 400 followers mark … then the 500 followers Monday morning … and is just under 600 followers right now. You totally, completely … Read more It’s GIVEAWAY time!!

Make Your Own Girls Tights!

(UPDATE: You can see a VIDEO how-to of this project HERE!)   I have a love/hate relationship with girls tights. I love dressing up my daughters in pretty dresses, nylons and clippies. I hate that my daughters to this to the thin, regular nylons on the very first wear: I love it when my daughters pair funky tights and loud skirts and … Read more Make Your Own Girls Tights!

Valentine’s Photo Tree

Have you seen all those cute heart trees floating around Blogland? I’ve been looking forward to making one, too, since I made my holiday planter back in November. And since I’m still on a I-love-my-ridiculously-huge-immediate-extended-blended family kick, I went the photo route again using thumbnail pictures of family just like I showed in my Valentine’s collage post. None of my … Read more Valentine’s Photo Tree