Conversation Heart Front Door

So here you go … the final entry in  my front door choices.


Super simple vinyl hearts + lettering to match my favorite Valentine’s Candy.

And since I liked the minimalist candy look, I skipped adding any kind of wreath or other embellishment.


Simple candy heart goodness.

I simply cut four 5×5.5” hearts in different colors on my Silhouette and then added the lipstick pink letters over top.

No Silhouette?

No problem. This design would be a cinch to hand cut  out of vinyl or contact paper and add scrapbook or crafting stickers for the text.


This would also be fun on a board for inside the house so you could reuse it.


So, now it’s your turn.

Let me know which of my four designs should be on the door through Valentine’s Day: 1 – Neutral; 2 – Red; 3 – Primitive; or 4 – Conversation Hearts.

I’ll randomly pick on of the commenters to receive a Valentine’s day good pack from THRIVE. Voting closed tomorrow, January 31st at 8 pm MST so that I can hurry and get the prize in the mail.  Edited to add:

Congratulations Nydia!

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(Leave a comment with your email if you’d like a free copy of the Silhouette file.)

17 thoughts on “Conversation Heart Front Door”

  1. I love the neutral burlap best. I do think the convo hearts would be really cute on kids' bedroom doors to surprise them on Valentine's morning (QTPie, Hugs, LuvU, etc). Vinyl would also work to leave a love note on hubby's car. Knowing my man he wouldn't see it until *after* work since he's not fully functioning first thing so it would be a big surprise when he left work. haha

  2. I still love the first one, the neutral, but then I am a huge Beatles fan, and it reminds me of them. Love your blog, and am so glad you can find the time to do it. Thank you.

  3. I really love the red and burlap one best. But conversation hearts are also a weakness. My roommates and I put together a page-long conversation using conversation hearts. It was a bit stilted, but still a conversation. Yes, we must have been loopy from mid-terms or something…

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