Christmas Subway Art + Free Printable

You asked and now it’s here – Christmas subway art submitted with words chosen by you awesome THRIVE readers! 

Several of you who emailed me about the Thanksgiving design were disappointed when it sold out so quickly. I’m not a professional vinyl lady and am limited by the amount of time and materials I can cut. So when I got emails asking for a Christmas design, I asked my awesome neighbor Heidi to handle the cutting and shipping for me. That way I can work on more no-cost holiday projects to share with all of you – deal?

Here’s what we came up with using the suggestions submitted on THRIVE’s facebook page.

christmas subway art on canvas

I love it! You guys picked the best, most fitting words to describe the season!

The picture above is vinyl on red painted canvas, but you can apply it to a board or wall. And to accommodate the reader requests for different sizes/colors, here’s what’s available: 8”x10” – $8.00, 12” x 14” – $10.00, 16”x20” – $14.00. You can pick the color when ordering HERE.

And as always, I’m all about the freebies and rockin-what-ya-got, too.

You can download a free printable 5”x7” of either version below.

November 2011 BLOG-13

Red background with white text HERE –or- White with red letters HERE 

So there you go!

Have fun picking the perfect vinyl design color for your home or enjoying the awesome free version in a frame.

I hope this helps bring a little bit of the magic of the season to your home!


23 thoughts on “Christmas Subway Art + Free Printable”

  1. Nike! I did a search for "Christmas Subway Art" and your blog was the very first google listing that came up! That's awesome! I love your blog, what a great thing to do as a young mom! Way to go.
    Diane (Sherwood) Henry

  2. The last link is a paid membership. The VERY last link says you must upload something to get access to Premium Reader content. It isn't free anymore…

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