Thrive Philosophy

I have a problem.  A big, big problem.
I’m an obsessive crafter and DIYer with a very short attention span.

That means I have several large bins full of half-finished 
and non-even-started projects that keep piling up. 

 Toss two layoffs and a lousy economy into the mix
and I’ve decided that now is a great time to 

stop spending money 

on anything and everything crafty-DIY-projecty
 until I use up what I already have on hand.

Thus, Choose To Thrive was born:  

My crafty, DIY, I-will-rock-what-I-got 
blog of projects using only what I have on hand.

No shopping.  No money.  No problem.

So I will trade, barter, get creative, get crazy and Choose To Thrive.
Thanks for stopping by!