Winners & An Idea

The winners of the 25 FREE  Shutterfly Christmas card sets are:

1) #13 – Emily Gerow


2) #32 – Lauren


3) #14 – Sieglaff Scoop

Thrive Free Christmas Cards Anyone - Mozilla Firefox 1132011 95703 AM.bmp

Congratulations ladies! Please email me within 48 hours to claim your cards or I will redraw.

Speaking of cards …

Anyone interested in a card swap?

I used to do it every year with my online coupon group and loved it. Everyone who wanted to join in got a list of 10 names to send cards to. I loved getting all those cards in the mail from all over the country and connecting with other women who shared my same interest. Let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested. If there’s a big enough group, I’ll get it going.

And one last thing …

****And ladies, please, please check your blogger profile and make sure you list an email address! ****

If you don’t, I can’t contact you, respond to your comments or send you prizes. EIGHT … EIGHT of you were drawn for these Christmas cards but didn’t have emails listed on your profile so I had to redraw. That’s good new for Emily, Lauren and Sieglaff Scoop, but I feel bad for those who missed out. So please, update your profiles.

Not sure if you have an email listed? Or not sure how to change it?

Log into blogger and go to your dashboard:

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Click View Profile and see if you have an email address listed.

Blogger User Profile Nike@ChooseToThrive - Mozilla Firefox 1132011 100356 AM.bmp

If you don’t have an email listed, no one can respond to your comments or contact you. Please add an email!

Back later today with the rest of my wall decor to go with the Thanksgiving Chevron Frame.


8 thoughts on “Winners & An Idea”

  1. I LOVE the "here's hoping you get to 'check-out' this holiday season" suggestion!!! If you don't use it, let me know, I might. It's just too good not to!
    I would be interest in a card swap as well.
    Had a great time last night! You rocked that flower, don't change it!

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