Putting On My Big Girl Pants: My TV Anchoring Debut

A month ago I sat at the computer trying to decide weather or not to publish a new post on Thrive. It was short and sweet – just a quick note to say that Thrive was closing it’s doors and to thank everyone for their support during the last year and a half. 

This year has taken me places I never imagined with all of the usual gut-checks on work-family-life-me time that go with it.  When I sort of fell off the bloggy edge of the world a few months back, I just closed my browser and walked away. I didn’t sign off. I didn’t check email. Nothing. I’ve worried for months about friendships hurt, relationships damaged, bridges burned and readership lost.

And so I sat here last month with my hand hovering over the publish button wondering if walking away for good was really the right thing to do.  I asked myself if this was me finally surrendering to a new reality of I-just-can’t-do-this-anymore or simple an act of sabotage by someone afraid to succeed as much as fail.  After several minutes I finally closed the computer and walked away once more. I had made a choice … a scary one … but one I believe in like I haven’t in so long.

THRIVE stays.

Because my time away from here and my almost-goodbye made me realize a few things:

 I still believe in the idea I had for THRIVE when I first launched this site.

I still love creating and crafting without spending a dime.

I still get emails from wonderful women around the world sharing their stories of thriving and I cherish the feeling of not being alone.

And even if I post less often than other sites, it’s still worth doing.

So I took that scary first step back Wednesday night and found myself at KSL 5 in Salt Lake City for a bloggers meet and greet. Me and 40 or so other bloggers were invited down to the KSL studios to mix, mingle and get a behind-the-scenes look at the TV and radio side of broadcasting. I’m privileged to live close to so many talented bloggers and was excited to meet up with them again.  Well … excited and nervous. And of course Wednesday was one of those crazy days that went sideways from the start and I almost backed out. But thanks to a quick pep talk from Mr. Thrive, I put on my big girl pants, a shirt that was a total mistake and got in the car. (And let’s be honest: when you’re plus-size, everyday is technically a ‘big girl pants’ sort of day, but you get my point.)


(Leanne from Organize & Decorate Everything and Me)

And I’m so glad I did.

This was just what I needed: a chance to get out back out there with the amazing ladies in blog land and reconnect … to chat about SEO strategies … copyright infringement … our love/hate relationship with Pinterest … summer plans with our kids … upcoming projects and features … how bad we wanted to win one of the killer Kaboo bags up for grabs even though some of us (me) don’t actually own iPads … who was going to EVO … finding gas for under $3.50/gallon … and just generally trying to make it all work with life and families in the mix.


(Can you find mine?)

Oh, and did I mention that being down at KSL 5 was crazy awesome?

(And no this isn’t a sponsored post.)


(Waiting to go on The Nightside Project with Kaysi from Keeping It Simple, Me, Ashlee from Topsy Turvy, Isabelle from Les Chateau des fleurs)

I’d never done a behind the scenes thing for TV or radio before and had a blast. I love this channel and listen/watch them regularly. They ‘get’ the value of blogging and women in social media. And more than any other station around here, they actively involve bloggers in lifestyle, DIY and parenting segments in addition to the regular ‘experts’ that usually get trotted out. Or maybe that’s just it: they see us ‘mommy bloggers’ as experts in our own right with something important to share.


And so I shared, too.


(KSL social media rockstar Natalie (in the grey) + the KSL evening anchor team)

Each of us was handed a news script and told that we’d get a chance to tape our own segment from the news desk.


Holy cow.

While one of the evening anchors, Mike Hedrick, was going over the short hand symbols on the script, he casually asked me what I blogged about.

“I registered my domain for THRIVE the day we got our first foreclosure notice in the mail.”

And Mike stopped dead in his tracks and looked straight at me. “Really?” he asked in a surprised, yet thoughtful tone as he stood there waiting for me to continue.

And then I told my story.

Nike Litchfield Peterson - Mozilla Firefox 6212012 121838 AM.bmp

And I told him how passionately I believe that creativity doesn’t have to be a casualty of financial hardship.  And I told him that you could do crazy things like try and remodel your houseclothe your kids and decorate for the holidays without running to the store. And I told him that this unwelcomed change has become one of my biggest blessings.

And then I told him about your stories, your triumphs, and the awesome things this community of women connected by hardship and energized by creating is doing.

Mike smiled and listened and asked questions and smiled and asked questions some more.

Ten minutes later I still had no idea how to anchor the news, but I felt absolutely sure that pushing forward with the whole ‘rock-what-ya-got’ message was exactly what I wanted to do.  Of course I still had to do the anchoring thing in the same bad idea of a shirt without a clue what words like **VOT** and **(BOTTOM THIRD)** meant, but I got through it.  Sorta.

(Thanks to the awesome Natalie from Boogers On The Wall for co-hosting with me!)

My first news story couldn’t have been more perfect.

Yup, Penn State. I’m still part of that 61 percent.


(Thanks Natalie Wardel and everyone at KSL for an awesome night. You helped kick my craft into gear. And thanks, too, to Nicole from MOMentity for some great ideas on getting it done!)

47 thoughts on “Putting On My Big Girl Pants: My TV Anchoring Debut”

  1. I'm so glad you're staying!! Obviously it's your choice either way but you are one of my favourite blogs: reading your posts makes me feel so inspired, so comfortable and safe and happy, like its ok to make the things I do and that there is nothing wrong with them. I love your projects and your style and I'm just so glad you're gonna be staying on! Don't worry about posting reguarly or often – whenever you feel like posting, at least one person will be right there reading!

    Also it was a great interview and I thought that shirt looked lovely on you! <3

  2. Life is all about choices and I'm glad you decided to continue blogging. You have a great "broadcasting voice", maybe a new career option? ;o)

  3. I am glad you will keep up blogging too. I would rather read one of your really good posts than many of the daily posts put out by some of those big-time bloggers anyway.

    and you rocked that anchor job.

  4. I found your blog just after losing my "dream" job last year. I read everything about your journey and decided that I too would "choose to thrive." Your words and attitude towards making the best of it really did help during that tough time and I started to concentrate on what I did have and how to use the skills I possess to "rock what I've got." Things are better now, but the lessons I learned continue to serve me and my family. So thanks for continuing at whatever rate is the best for you. I'll be watching for you!

  5. You ROCKED that blogcast! You are a total natural! I'm also glad you're staying. I just found your blog recently, and I don't mind that you don't do daily posts. I'm always anxiously awaiting your next post, kinda like Christmas, because it's always such a surprise and so inspiring!

  6. You were a natural behind that news desk! So confident and with great presentation. So glad that you will continue blogging. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your beautiful spirit.

  7. Thank goodness you're staying as I've only just found your blog and have loved what I've read so far. (I'm waiting until my husband isn't looking so I can chop all the elastic off his old pants!)

  8. You seemed really natural doing the anchoring!! This was a fun post – glad you are staying.

  9. I was going to write a lovely comment….then I read Emily's…..she said *exactly* what I was going to say but more eloquently!

    SO, yes! What she said!!


  10. I'm thrilled that you'll continue this blog. It is one of my favorites. I love your 'rock what you got' attitude.
    -Mary Alice

  11. I'm so glad your staying, too! I never comment, but I always read your blog and I love your projects. You're an inspiration to "rock what ya got" and I try to remember that instead of going to buy new stuff all the time. I can't imagine how busy you are with 6 kids, so just post when you can & we'll keep reading!

  12. Bamatamb,
    Is it weird to say that in some ways, 6 is easier for me to handle than 3? I'm so blessed that my kids play well together and do a great job of entertaining themselves–makes my life a little easier. Thanks so much for stopping by this morning!

  13. Just when I thought you couldn't get any more fabulous. You totally rock! I'm so glad you decided to keep going. You are more inspiring than you know.

  14. I'm so glad your not quitting the blog!!!! Your blog is third on my top ten, only because I check facebook, and pinterest several times a day! Otherwise your blog is my first blog check every day! Love you Nike! You have inspired me in so many ways! As a mother, wife, homemaker, friend, blogger…sheesh girl! You ROCK!

  15. I am soooooooo excited you stayed .. And it doesn't have to be an everyday post blog..I will totally enjoy, when you do get a chance to blog. You are an amazing lady/mom/wife.And I so enjoy your crafts/using what you have technique.
    Sometimes walking away for a little while..really helps . So proud you walked away and then came back.yea..
    You were fantastic on the broadcast..
    BTY…I would love to see the finished staircase you were working on.. [See ,you have kept my interest up a long time.hahahaha].
    Have fun, enjoy your blog and most of all enjoy your family. Hugs.

  16. I am so glad you stayed. I am subscribed to hundreds of blogs, and i truly love yours is one of my top reads. Your spirit just shines through with such brightness. Frugality is of great interest to me and I love the things you've shared with us. Please don't ever stop because we need what you are teaching. I took a much needed break from blogging, and came back renewed, refreshed and with focus. Blessings to you and yours.

  17. Thanks for staying Nike! I enjoy each and every post that you write. It's such a fresh take that leaves in the "bad" stuff that we all do but don't want to admit to. You are only human after all, and its great to see someone admit it without fear of ridicule because you're not perfect. None of us are, nor will we ever be. Keep up the great work! You totally rocked that broadcast too! I would've messed up big time! Chin up honey! We're staying here for the long haul. And I also want to see the finished staircase pix. Fill us in! Blessings to you and your family!

  18. I'm so happy your staying I've been following your blog since i stumble across it almost a year ago your the reason I started rocking what i got you inspire me to be creative and i thank you for that.

  19. I'm so glad you've decided to stay! I absolutely love your "rock what ya got" approach to crafting and life. There are so many of us trying to save money for various reasons, and you inspire us to make the best of our situations. Your creativity and humor are contagious, and I'm grateful for the time you take to share – no matter how frequently or infrequently you do it. When we do things we believe in we are blessed, and often others are blessed whether we know it or not. Know that you have blessed me. Thanks, Nike!

  20. Nike!!! After a long vacation from blogland myself I decided to check on you, I had indeed noticed a long time without posts and hoped all was well with you. So glad you are sticking around, even infrequent posts are awesome.

    AND, you did a GREAT JOB hosting! You sounded really, really natural, and if you hadn't have said anything disparaging I would not have thought a thing about that shirt. Rock what you got goes for shirts, too. 🙂

    Thought of you the other day as I made sun hats for my girls out of a pair of old maternity pants, an old nightgown, and an old dress (with old net garments for lining!)

  21. I hope it helps to know that I'm glad your blog is here. I don't even remember how I came across it, and I admit that I rarely read it, but that is because I am so dang busy trying to keep things going around home. When I found myself faced with financial challenges, I knew I was passionate about winning the challenge but I didn't know how to put it into words until I saw the title of your blog. Your comments strengthened and helped me define my own response to what I was faced with. I don't feel like I'm going without. I dig into creativity and make things work. So, well, thanks!

  22. I'm in awe of your creativity and your ROCK-WHAT-YA-GOT approach. The patience you have to search for and find free and inexpensive materials is so foreign to me. I want to run right out and buy what I think I need before even fully planning the project. I'm sorry about your love/hate relationship with Pintrest, but since I found your blog from a Pin, I'm totally digging it right now! Thanks for staying put! P.S. I miss watching KSL news! I feel so far away from home right now.

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