Pencils down … time’s up.

Well it’s official.

I’m finally running up the white flag of surrender on Christmas projects, neighbor gifts, last minute presents and blog posts.  Christmas is just three days away and, well … it is what it is.

For the last two weeks I’ve stepped away from Blogland to try bring back some balance in my life and actually enjoy the holiday instead of being driven to produce for it.  I love to craft, to blog, to create … but I noticed that the most important things were getting shoved further and further to the back of the priority list to finish projects that seemed much more important several weeks ago when the calendars and the lists were made.

But as part of this whole Choosing To Thrive experiment, I’m learning that knowing when to step back and except “it is what it is” is  just as important as “getting it done.” That’s been especially true in the last twenty-four hours where I went stupid and started thinking those dangerous wait-a-minute… it’s-not-enough-so-I’ll-just-stay-up-for-three-days-straight-and-hurry-and-finish-fifty-more-projects-gifts-posts thoughts that can make us mothers crazy and stressed out during the holidays.  Thankfully my madness was short-lived and I snapped out of it tonight after dinner.

So a few of those projects that I really wanted to share with you can wait until next year … and some of those amazing, free, Thrive-worthy neighbor/teacher/whatever gifts will still be there next December … and a couple of the hand-made stocking stuffers that I wanted to finish for my kids will still be fun to bring out for New Year’s or Valentines Day.

Pencils down … time’s up … please pass your tests forward. 

I hope that each of you enjoy these last few days until Christmas and the magic of that morning.  I look forward to kicking off 2011 with some awesome get organizedget fitget decorating projects taken from your suggestions perfect for rocking what you got.

Until then, I’ve got a steaming mug of hot cocoa, my favorite quilt, a fabulous Hubby, six of my favorite pajama-decked kiddos up way past their bedtime and a White Christmas DVD calling my name.


Merry Christmas.

~ Nike (and kiddo #5)

6 thoughts on “Pencils down … time’s up.”

  1. Couldn't have said it better myself! I hope you and your family have a fabulous Holiday! Looking forward to your upcoming posts in the new year!!!

  2. I am glad you re-evaluated your list. Ten years from now you will want to remember your children and all the wonderful things they said and did and all those things you did together…those projects just aren't that important. Blessings, Dianntha

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