Halloween Candy Corn Skirt Refashion

(Bringing out a final project from the THRIVE archives before Tuesday when you’ll be able to find 100+ costumes you can make for $3 or less. Hope to see you Tuesday!)


And it begins.

My daughter’s convinced that she needs an extensive Halloween wardrobe.

I’m convinced that it’s not gonna happen.

Luckily for her I have a closet full of  these ripped, stained and worn out gems.


Toss in some thin elastic and scissors and I came up with this candy corn themed, ruffled skirt refashion in a single nap time.


Ah, compromise.

And this has got to be one of the easiest sewing projects ever. Start with a white t-shirt that easily fits around your girl’s waist.


When you flip the cut-off rectangle upside down, you see that you’ve got a handy-dandy skirt base with a pre-sewn waistband all ready to go. And since t-shirt fabric doesn’t have to be hemmed, that raw bottom edge doesn’t need any sewing at all.


You’ll need to cut and piece together strips of white, orange and yellow t-shirt scraps to make the ruffles for each layer. The width is up to you and how long you want each layer. The length of all your pieced together strips for each color needs to be double the width of your t-shirt base.


My t-shirt base was 15” wide so I made sure my strips totaled 30” long.  I stitched my scrap strips together to make three long loops of fabric …


… and then ran a long basting stitch along the top edge of each one. I gently gathered each loop of fabric until they were the same width as my t-shirt base.


(Make sure that any screen printing, stains, etc. are facing the inside of your ruffled layers!)

Pinning and attaching each ruffle layer to the t-shirt base was a quick and easy.

Candy Corn Skirt Refashion Choose To Thrive 10

And the best part was using that already-sewn bottom shirt edge as a casing for the elastic. Love that.

Candy Corn Skirt Refashion Choose To Thrive 11.jpg

The only thing left to do was sew the elastic ends together!

Sweet! Done and done!

In less than an hour I wound up with a cute t-shirt skirt refashion in time for Halloween that’s the cat’s meow.

Um, apparently.


And while I was cleaning up, I put those left-over scraps to good use.

I cut some rag ribbon for easy piggy tail love, Halloween treats, or whatever.


So there you go!

I hope you take a look at your fabric stash and have fun whipping up something awesome during nap time!


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