Girls Tights Update: Video How-To Awesomeness

Remember that girls’ tights tutorial from last year?


Well I’ve had several questions from viewers about trying variations of this project and had a chance to film a video how-to with Megan from Brassy Apple over at

I hope you’ll stop by and check out the video version as well as the other great episodes on

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9 thoughts on “Girls Tights Update: Video How-To Awesomeness”

  1. Ha – thank you Brandi! Yes, yes I was nervous! My hands were shaking the whole time and I was sweating like crazy by the time we wrapped filming. Totally fun, though. I had a blast meeting the awesome ladies at MyCraftChannel and seeing how they put these webisodes together.

  2. Congratulations Neek! This is totally awesome! You were great! You were totally natural and explained everything so well. And I completely agree with the whole Mom thing. Exciting!

  3. My friend told me about your blog and this video at our craft session today Nike! What a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW, I also thought you were wonderful on the video too!

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