Wicked-Awesome Witch Hats

Thanks everyone for your patience this week while we got everything transferred over to the new system.(Thanks Jon & Eric!)  It’s soooo nice to be blogging on a computer that isn’t 8 years old.  Now back to the regularly scheduled programming. 🙂


I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way …

Sorry. 80’s tangent.

What I’m trying to say is:

When you find a girl with mad crafting skills, hand over the glue gun and get out of her way.

Check out this hat!


I so wish I could claim credit for this awesome number, but the round of applause goes to this talented, 13-year-old rock star, Miss{K}.

miss k

Isn’t she sweet? I’m lucky enough to be neighbors with Miss{K} and her amazing mama Miss{A}.

When Miss{A} showed me these pictures, my jaw dropped. Seriously people … Miss{K} is 13 and she just “threw these together.” I asked Miss{A} if I could share the incredible hats that Miss{K} put together for a local Halloween craft festival they went to over the weekend.

I love this project since it can double as decor and a great costume. I’m not big into dressing up for Halloween any more, but I’d totally wear this all month if I had one.  Seriously … if you see me at the grocery store you’ve been warned. The other thing I love is that you could easily adapt these hats to Rock-What-Ya-Got and make your own version using items you already have on hand.

Multi-Colored Tulle Hat


Miss {K} loosely wrapped orange, purple and green tulle around the brim and hot glued it in place. The tulle “flower” was made by tying regular bows out of the same colors of tulle and hot gluing them in place. Two rosettes were made from the 1”satin ribbon and tucked in beside the bows, a little scrap of black tulle stands in for a leaf, and a glitter spider adds the  final touch.

Black Widow Hat


Same fun look with black and red glitter tulle using a braided band of tulle around the brim.

Purple Potion Hat


Miss{K} glued the tulle in bunches around the brim, added a tulle bow and a finishing black glitter spider.

I totally want all three. For me.



Hopefully Miss{K}’s awesome hats will inspire you to make your version using items from around your house, Rock-What-Ya-Got-style. (Or even from the store, tulle and ribbon are pretty cheap).  I’m so planning on making one of these for me and my girls using what we have on hand: scrap t-shirts and ribbon in the same colors.

If you make one, send me an email or post it on Thrive’s facebook page—I’d love to see it!

Thanks again Miss{K} and Miss{A} for sharing your wicked-awesome hats!


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6 thoughts on “Wicked-Awesome Witch Hats”

  1. So cute! How awesome to see kids, or should I say teenagers, doing crafts! My kids always loved to do crafts with me until they hit teenager-hook and then I get the eye rolls when I ask! LOL! Tell her "great job" and "thanks" for letting you share them with us!

  2. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and I must say: You're totally inspiring! I just love how you create a home, take care of your big family and deal with everyday challenges. Wow. And the personal touch in your writing (including admitting mistakes, emotional ups and downs etc.) makes me feel like I'm sitting at a table with you and chatting over a cup of coffee while reading all of this.
    Having a really tight budget myself and many to care for, I started blotting some of your incredible ideas on my to-do-list – can't wait for the weekend to start!
    So, thanks a million for sharing your ideas, your tutorials, your thoughts!

    Greetings from Germany!

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