Simple Solutions Series #2: Scraps Under Wraps

Does anyone else ever have this happen?


Scraps from left over projects or even projects that you’re not quite done with that need a place to hang out and not clutter up the place?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve tried putting paper scraps in boxes, bins, page protectors, etc., but it never works.  I usually end up with boxes and bins and page protectors full of paper that I’ve completely forgotten about … and never use … and then go buy more of that paper for my next project, only to find later.

Bleh.  No more.

The solution: over-the-door organizers!


I stole this bad boy from my daughter’s room where it was sadly underused.  She, apparently, prefers to put put her tights/socks/undies/clippies in a giant pile on her floor. 

Two year olds.  Sheesh.

I love how well this works! There’s plenty of pockets for storage and I can see exactly what I have before I start anything.  

The top pockets hold adhesives and blades that I want to keep out of little hands.

JAN 2011 BLOG7

All of the scraps are kept tidy and in rainbow order, because I’m type A and OCD like that.


The bottom, larger pockets are perfect for projects that I’m in the middle of and prefer not to leave all over the place …


… wall art for my boys’ room, Valentine’s decorations, kitchen shelf tabs, those closet dividers that I’m still working on (I ran out of milk jugs and pie plates—ha!) and yes, even my first Christmas project of 2011 (coincidently left over from 2010).

And this would work for all those fabric or ribbon scraps, too.

Ah … much, much better.


Have fun shopping around your house for clutter busters!




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7 thoughts on “Simple Solutions Series #2: Scraps Under Wraps”

  1. thank you SO much!
    my 'studio' is basically wall to wall piles of stuff no matter how many organisation techniques I've tried. I think this one will actually make a difference! now I just need a few more doors LOL!

  2. I have scraps coming out of my ears. I really hate the clutter but don't want to throw bits away. I just know that as soon as I bin them, I'll think of some new projet that they would have been perfect for. This is a great solutiion.


  3. Oh my gosh- what a fantastic way to keep a handle on scraps. God knows I've got an enormous mess on my hands and no way to organize it… until now! Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. I love over the door shoe organizers. I use them for everything except shoes. There's so many possibilities. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  5. I love to see different uses for the over the door shoe organizers. I just did a post on using them for hats and gloves. This is perfect for craft rooms.
    Found this on Organize and Decorate Everything
    I'd love it if you'd link it onto my Organizing Mission Monday link party. You have some great ideas.

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