Rainbow Easter Eggs


In the middle of our crazy bedroom switcharoo project, we stopped for a quick, green little snack in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

The inspiration came from the plastic mesh bag that grapefruit and onions are sold in. After the kids inhaled four giant grapefruit, I was wondering if I could possibly make something out this sack before I tossed it. The result was a quick little basket perfect for taming that treasure at the end of the rainbow (or at least a rainbow of fruit flavors.)

Want to make one?

For this project you’ll need:


As always though … rock what ya got.

Trace and cut out the outline of a small cup or jar on a scrap piece of paper …

March 2011 BLOG2

… then place paper against the bottom of the glass, wrap the mesh tightly around the sides and trim away the extra mesh. You should have just enough length at the bottom to fold into the middle to make the bottom of the basket.

Carefully add a ring of hot glue to the paper base and carefully fold the mesh into towards the center. Again … carefully.

March 2011 BLOG3

Trim the top edge to make it flat and run a small bead of glue down the back seam of the mesh to close the side seems. When glue has set, carefully remove basket from the mold.

My kids liked the look of a handle Easter basket style so I added a narrow strip of mesh with a dot of glue on each side to the smaller one. A quick coat of spray paint …

March 2011 BLOG4

…  and my pot of gold was done. Drying time was only an hour.

(And I’m already thinking ahead to Easter and picturing a table setting with these little baskets painted white and filled with small pastel Cadbury Robins Eggs. Yum!)

At the last minute I added a quick shamrock out of felt. No biggie.


So there you go!

Some recycling magic and yummy treat that even St. Patrick would like.

Now that’s my kind of green.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


106 thoughts on “Rainbow Easter Eggs”

  1. P'haps you could join the broken ones together with some whipped cream BUT only if you don't want to eat them yourself 😉
    They sure would brighten up the table at Easter.

    • Stand peeps in between the halves of the broken ones – something HAD to be trying to get out! More sugar to much on from the table display.

    • I plan on making these! They are so cute! I'll probably have many broken ones as I should be on Worst Cooks, but the idea of putting Peeps by them is a great way to cover my Oops! Thanks.

    • Made Jell-o eggs back in the mid 90's. Took them to Easter Dinner. My Father about went thru the roof when the nieces and nephews came running in and took them off the platter with their fingers. Said that's how you are suppose to eat themm. It took him a few mins. before he tried one.

  2. Wow, these are so cool! I actually have those same molds (hand me downs from my mom) but have never used them! In fact, I'm glad I came across your post b/c I didn't know how to use them! I didn't realize you poured the jello in the hole! Haha! I think I'll have to pull these out this weekend and make some for Easter. Thanks!

  3. This is just wondwerful!!! really cool idea! Too bad I discovered it today and tomorrow is Easter Sunday : ( but I´ll definitely try them next year!
    BTW, Happy Easter

  4. question, do you make the layers and then let them set for 4 hours before adding another layer? or just do 'em all at one time? (Maybe this is a silly question, but I DO like to make sure I'm doing things right.)

  5. Just wondering — do you have to let each layer gel for awhile before adding the next color? Or can you add all your colors (in layers) at once?

  6. Doesn't the cooking spray make the jello eggs taste different or greasy? Never tried this before. Awesome idea though!

  7. You should only refrigerate each layer about 15 minutes before adding the next. This way, they will stick together.

    • Not at all but they are a little bit slippery, which I just use a paper towel to wipe off. I also heard, but haven't tried, that you can not use the cooking spray, and just run warm water over the mould and the eggs just pop out. Hope this helps!

  8. Just stopping by to let you know that I've featured your craft on Family Fun Crafts! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid friendly crafts, I'd love it if you would submit them. 🙂 If you would like to display a
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  9. Have made Jello eggs for years and they're always a hit for all ages. I take them to potlucks cut in half and put in a cupcake liner. Makes for an easy grab. I am going to add Rainbow Eggs to my collections!!

    • I haven't made these yet, but according to the Kraft (Jello) site, one 6 oz box of Jello fills one mold (6 eggs). So I figure if you make 6 3-oz boxes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) that would fill 3 molds (18 eggs). I have two molds and I'm just planning on making 5 boxes (leaving out either yellow or orange) and having some left over for my "sample" bowl. Hope this helps.

    • Whoops, didn't pay attention to the fact that the Kraft recipe I was looking at was for Jello Jiggler eggs, which are made with a lot less water than regular jello. The mold holds about 1.5 cups jello. For the rainbow jello recipe referenced, you're making 10 cups of jello (just under 1.5 cups liquid per 3 oz box of jello). So that would fill close to 7 6-egg jello molds! Yikes! I ended up buying 5 6 oz boxes of jello (could only get 5 colors in the large size) so will be trying this with 2 egg molds plus a bundt.

  10. Let me get this straight before i start this project, you put a layer in and let that one set then add another layer and let that one set,etc…correct??

  11. These are AWESOME!! I am going to attempt them.. But how do you get them to be different colors?? Do you have to refrigerate each layer at a time before adding the next one?

  12. Those are super! I'm not sure where to get those moulds in the UK, but I am sure Hobbycraft will have something similar. If not I'll just use my heart/teddy bear moulds, after all stripy jelly (jello) works in any cute shape!

  13. Do you make these like the other cake type jello is done with whipped cream and yogurt? Or is it just jello layered?

  14. fabulous! i did not have the molds and just emptied real egg shells, washed them, then filled them back up with the jello. then tomorrow the kids can peel the shell off. we'll see how it turns out.

  15. THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!! I just pinned them to my "Rainbow" pinterest page. Just signed up to follow your blog…it's great:)

  16. Thanks for the directions on how to safely make these. I know people who tried to say to make them in eggs that you fill for hunting on Easter…which are not food safe. They were looking at your idea which is so cute and trying to do it with eggs that were never meant for this type of mold. I will be making them for my grandchildren for Easter. I think I will try them without the spray. Has anyone else done that? I was concerned that they would be greasy and I have such picky eaters.

  17. Do you need to have the yogurt/cream layer in between? Is that what helps them stick? Or could I just do rainbow colors of JUST jello? Thank you!

    • Michelle,
      I alternated layers of plain jello and jello+sour cream whisked in. If you follow the recipe link in the post, you'll find the exact measurements. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks Nike – I'm just wondering if you HAVE to alternate. I would like to make it with JUST jello layers but wondering if they would'nt stick as well without the cream layer

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  19. I just made these this morning, however I don't have molds so what I did was I got real eggs carefully put a small hole at both ends and blew the eggs out, then with a glue gun I sealed one hole and using a serenge filled them with jello. They are setting as I type. Just peel the shell from the jello…. Used the egg I blew out for breakfast this morning.

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