Castor Oil for Healthier Hair

Castor Oil for Healthier Hair

Hair oils are incredibly popular these days and castor oil specifically is one of the most commonly used oils right now. Many people believe castor oil to have countless benefits such as increased hair growth, thicker and stronger hair, and that it can even make your hair darker. In this article, I’m going to take … Read more Castor Oil for Healthier Hair

Black Hair Growth Tips

If you want hair down to your bra-strap, it’s not going to happen automatically unless you use black hair growth tips consistently and stay dedicated to your purpose. Hair grows at the rate of about one-fourth to one-half inch per month. That means if you want hair down to your shoulders for your wedding, plan … Read more Black Hair Growth Tips

Herbs for Hair Growth

If you want your hair longer, there are several options. You could go to the medical doctor and go home with a prescription medication such as Minoxidil, and then deal with side effects as they arise. Minoxidil is a vasodilator that allows more oxygen, blood and nutrients to get to the hair follicle. You could … Read more Herbs for Hair Growth

Healthy Hair Tips for Winter

Hair problems are more common in the winter. Your hair can suddenly acquire static electricity or become extremely brittle as the temperature drops. Below are some healthy hair tips for winter that will allow you to keep you hair glowing and tangle-free even during the winter months. Never allow your hair to stay wet for … Read more Healthy Hair Tips for Winter