New Years Wreath … from Christmas decorations (and no more naked!)

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I have a problem.  A big, big problem.

My front door is naked.

The Christmas wreath came down a week ago, but I’m not quite ready to bring out the Valentine’s day stuff  just yet.  I want a week or two to enjoy the rush of energy and promise that this time of year brings.  And since anything  New Years-ish will have a short showing on the door, I’m looking for quick and easy.

My solution?

Raid the Christmas decorations before putting them away.


A few dollar store snowflakes, some fabric scraps, a left over cardboard box and voila—Happy 2011 in winter white in 15 minutes flat.


Want to make your own?

Couldn’t be easier.


As always, I hope you Rock What Ya Got to adapt this project so that there’s no out-of-pocket cost.


Arrange three large snowflakes end to end and hot glue together.


To make the banner, you can freehand your own design (which I’m terrible at) or use this great image from Graphics Fairy.


After I printed it out, I wasn’t crazy about the shape with the snowflake, so I cut it in half …

JAN 2011 BLOG1

… flipped the two halves and taped the new shape together. Template done.

Trace template onto a cardboard box flap and cut out.


Trace template onto burlap and cut around the lines, leaving an extra 1/4” all the around so that the fabric is slightly larger than the cardboard backing.  Hot glue in place.


Cut numbers out of left-over felt and attach with hot glue.


The banner ends get a quick dress-up with rosettes made from 1” strips of burlap. 


A quick dollop of hot glue holds them in place.


Glue banner the center snowflake with hot glue.

Done and Done.

To hang, I dressed up a cheap magnetic clip from the frig with a quick rosette and more hot glue.


But if you’d rather skip the rosette clip for a look more like this …


… hot glue a magnet to the back tips of the top and bottom snow flakes.


And the fun part about this project is the you can change the whole feel with different banners.

How about a little silver sparkle?

w.13(Sorry … silver is crazy reflective and tough to capture) 

Swap out the burlap for a left-over Christmas gift bag and salt!


Trace the banner template on a gift bag and trace around the edges, leaving 1/4” extra just like with the burlap.


Attach to the cardboard base with hot glue.

For a flocked look, line the outer edge of the banner with regular school glue and sprinkle with table salt or glitter. 


To fill the numbers, mark outline with a pen … trace and fill numbers with glue … cover with salt or glitter …


… gently tap off excess and let thoroughly dry.


Hot glue to the middle snowflake and done.

One simple design … two fun looks!

JAN 2011 BLOG2

(And phew … no more naked door!)


A few THRIVE tips to save you some headaches:

1. Can you use cardstock instead of fabric or gift bags?

Yes … if it stays inside.

2.  Do you need to paint your cardboard backing before covering with fabric/paper?

I tried both ways and it doesn’t matter (so long as your porch is covered!) I tried spray coating, painting and mod podging with tissue paper to see if there was any noticeable advantage and there wasn’t. It just added a lot of time and was a pain.  Happy to report this is step you can skip.

3. Can you use regular glue to attach the fabric or paper to the cardboard base?

I wouldn’t. With the silver gift bag, I used Elmer’s glue and it warped the paper slightly (which you can kind of see in the pictures). I made a second one just to try and the hot glue worked great—no warping at all.

4. If I don’t have extra felt snowflakes lying around …?

You can cut snowflakes out of cardstock on a Silhouette/Cricut or you can make 3-D puffy snowflakes out of regular paper using the technique I showed here on Ucreate with Kids.

5.  If you have a Silhouette or Cricut, you can make cutting numbers out of felt easier by cutting out the numbers in vinyl first, sticking them to the felt and then cutting around.  Easier than trying to trace on felt.



From my door to yours, Happy 2011!


~ Nike

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  1. Very cute! My front door is completely naked right now…and I think it is probably going to stay that way until I get the energy to work on a Valentine's wreath:)

  2. This is gorgeous! I think I'm going to chuck my berry wreath and do this. Right now I'm loving anything with burlap 🙂

    Found you on Momnivores Dilemma

  3. This looks great! I also do snowflakes in January around my house. It feels too pitiful to put everything away. Loooove the felt snowflakes. I bought and hoarded a bunch of those babies ;).

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