Halloween Lanterns

I’m always on the lookout for fun holiday projects in keeping with the Thrive Philosophy:  
No money. No shopping.  No problem.
And just in time for Halloween, I’m sharing five of my favorite post from the Thrive archives this week before new projects post in October.

Check out these frightfully cute lanterns!


Perfect for adding some whimsy to your mantel, piano or shelf …


… and rocking out a mitten tree until the snow starts to fall …

Oct 20108

… and especially for  keeping your little monsters safe and easy to spot on Halloween night!
Ready to make your own?
(and a battery-operated tea light that I forgot to include)
As always, I hope you’ll
Rock What Ya Got
and adapt the materials I used to make what you have on hand work.  With a little creativity, you’ll probably be able to make this project without a run to the store.
Cut a small piece of sticky back Velcro (mine is 1/2” wide) and attach one side to the inside of the jar and the other to a battery operated tea light. Set tea light aside.

Oct 201015

Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge (or a mix of half water, half white school glue) starting at any left over seam from the label.

Oct 201010

Trim craft tissue to the same width of the jar plus an extra 1/2” inch.  Line top of tissue up with the top of the jar and very gently press into place, working from the center out.  Careful—tissue will tear very easily.
Work around the jar one small area at a time, thoroughly covering the entire jar surface,  and overlap tissue along back seam by a 1/4 – 1/2” inch, trimming if necessary.
Oct 201013
Don’t worry if there’s a slight gap along the back (like in the pumpkin above) or a few tears.  Just cover any gaps with more Mod Podge …


… place a small tissue patch over top …


… and cover with a thin coat of Mod Podge.  Easy peasy. 


Cover the entire top of the tissue with a good coat of the glue as well to make sure all the tissue is good and stuck.

Oct 201014

To finish, cut a small circle of tissue slightly smaller than the bottom of the jar, coat bottom of jar with glue, place circle down, smooth in place …


… and finish bottom with a coat of glue as well.  Let these dry upside down for an hour or so—until completely dry to the touch.


While the kiddos are waiting for their lanterns to dry …


… and waiting …


It’s time to work on the lids!  Mark your handle holes … 


… and drill through with a drill bit large enough for your handle. (I used a 7/16” bit for the lids with pipe cleaner handles and 9/16” for the lids with glow sticks).


Trim away any rough plastic on the holes with a craft knife …


… and paint lids whatever color you’d like.  I had black paint so I used black.  White for the ghost and orange for the pumpkin would have been cute, too.
After the lids and jars are dry, turn the kids loose!

Oct 201011

You could use craft paint, vinyl face shapes from a Cricut or Silhouette machine or plain ‘ol Sharpies like we did.


And the best part is the fun faces that appear … like the “Scribble Monster” and the “Vampire Guy With A Bloody Nose and Furry Teeth.”

Oct 201012

And your kiddos will be so proud of themselves for making something so totally awesome.


To attach the handle, thread your ribbon/pipe cleaner/glow stick through the holes and tie, glue or attach the ends for form a loop.

Oct 20102

Then pop your tea light into the jar …

Oct 20103

… screw the lid on and, voila!
Houston, we have Halloween Lanterns!


These fun lanterns are sure to bring out the spooky and the silly in your little goblins:
Day …
 Oct 20107
… or night!

Oct 20104   

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween!