Choose To Thrive Birthday Week and Giveaway!



A year ago my first post went up and since that day, all of you who’ve stopped by, commented and shared your stories have helped make this birthday possible.  So I say presents all around and lots of celebrating! And while we’re at it, let’s take a whole week to party with new posts and projects everyday until the giveaway closes Friday, October 21st.

You grab the cupcakes, I’ll grab the gifts, okay?

Giveaway #1:

1 pair of gorgeous earrings from Paul Street Shop


Dora from PSS writes, “Paul Street Shop is a brand new adventure for me. I love creating and for me the process is more important than actually using my designs. That’s why my shop was born. I offer a variety of quality handmade items, including one of a kind jewelry, home decor, house wares, sewing patterns, hand painted yarn, hand stamped fabric and more! Check back often, since the inventory changes frequently and new items are being added weekly.”

You can also check out the fun projects blog Dora contributes to, Show Tell Sharehere.

Thanks Dora! I think I need every pair of earrings in your shop!

Thrive readers enter code THRIVE10 for 10% off your orders through October 21st. Shop here:

Giveaway #2:

Custom Mohawk Hat from Handcrafted by Natasha Brenchley


These hats are freakin’ awesome! The winner gets one of these bad boys knitted just for them in their choice of size and colors. You will LOVE yours! I found Natasha’s shop last year and my kids adore their mohawk hat. And don’t think this is just for boys … my three year old daughter steals this from her brother all the time. See?

October 2011 FAM

I get compliments on this hat all the time in the store—total conversation starter. 🙂

You can score Natasha’s awesome hats as well as the other hand-knit goodness like gloves, scarves and wraps for 25% off this week with code THRIVE01. (One coupon code per person.)

October 2011 BLOG1-3

Thanks Natasha!  Happy Shopping HERE.



Giveaway #3:

2 sets of 10 personalized 3.5” x 5” note cards from Carolina Pear


TWO lucky THRIVE readers will win 10 personalized 3.5”x5” note cards featuring a name and small graphic on the front with blank insides. These make awesome thank you notes! Each set is valued at $15.

I’m a total paper snob and have been drooling over the beautiful stationary and designs over at Carolina Pear! They specializes in personalized stationery – from entire wedding packages to a single birthday card, Carolina Pear will design something that is perfect for any occasion.

THRIVE readers can take home their own set of personalized 3.5”x5” note cards for just $10 during the giveaway week!

(Mention THRIVE giveaway in the message part of your order to receive discounted price).

You can check out their gallery and shop HERE and follow them on Facebook HERE.

Thanks Allison!

Giveaway #4:

Upcycled Denim Purse from Artfully Caroline

October 2011 BLOG2-1

Once again Caroline from Artfully Caroline came up with yet another amazing purse design using a fun chocolate/pink print to match the embroidery on the denim. This woman is my sewing mentor and I’d love to steal her purse collection someday! This bag is particularly meaningful to me since the jeans belonged to my daughter and were turned into this fun purse in honor of THRIVE’s 1st birthday. You’ll LOVE the extra long strap—perfect for cross-body action while you’re out shopping. And the draw string closure on the inside? Genius. Nothing is coming out of this bag, even if it tips over. You can see more pictures of this awesome purse here.  Merci Caroline!


You can check out more of Caroline’s incredible sewing projects (purse knock-offs, pillows, kids clothes) at her blog or on Facebook.

Giveaway #5

$20 Gift Certificate to Kitty Cats & AirplanesOctober 2011 BLOG2Shop for you and for someone on your Christmas list – one lucky THRIVE reader will have $20 to spend on the beautiful cabochon jewelry in Amie’s shop. (The steel blue cabbage rose necklace is calling to me …:)

You can also check out Amie’s mad crafting and sewing skills over at her awesome blog or on Facebook.



Thanks Amie!

Giveaway #6

$25 Gift Certificate to Peach Street Boutique

Peach Street Boutique

A-DORE! How cute are these custom boutique wooden letter name sets?

October 2011 BLOG1-2

 Peach Street Boutique offers these ridiculously cute letters with fun prints, colors and ribbons—perfect for any nursery or kids’ room. Letters are available in sets or individually. It’s “Posh Treats for You and Your Sweets!”  I’d soooo love six sets of these for my kids’ rooms right now. 🙂

Peach Street Boutique

Jamie at Peach Street Boutique is offering THRIVE readers 10% off anything in her shop with code THRIVE. Thanks Jamie!

You can also find Jamie blogging here.


Giveaway #7

Christmas Hand-Quilted Lap Quilt from Rip’d-n-stchd Quilts


Katie will machine sew and then HAND QUILT a lap size quilt similar to the one above for one THRIVE reader just in time for the Christmas season. And the kicker? Katie is letting me pick the colors and pattern for the winner’s quilt—wahoo! Hmm… dark reds? Frosty white? Whimsical prints? Classic patterns? I can’t wait to pick out a special design just for you!

Katie started Rip’d-n-stchd quilts to offer her clients the versatility and personalization of modern fabric prints with the craftsmanship of hand-quilting. And all of you quilt lovers know how much time and detail goes into hand-quilting—there’s no comparison in the look and feel of the final product.


THRIVE readers her can get custom and ready-made quilts for the same price!

TWIN quilts start at $120. BABY quilts for $80. All with custom colors, hand-quilting and ready before Christmas! Seriously!

You can check out Rip’d-n-stchd for gallery and ordering information here or on Facebook here.


Thank you, thank you, thank you sponsors!!


Please take a moment to support my sponsors by stopping by these talented ladies’ sites.

The holidays are just around the corner and the THRIVE birthday promo codes are good at each of these shops through October 21st! You’ll score beautiful, hand-crafted gifts at a discount while supporting women entrepreneurs and their families. You can earn extra drawing entries for visiting/liking any or all of the giveaways above. However, to win a particular item, you must have visited and/or liked that particular site.

You know the drill –here’s how YOU can win one of these great prizes! Please leave a separate comment for each entry.


Publicly follow and/or subscribe to THRIVE. If you already do, let me know (and thank you!) – 1 entry

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (Up to 15 more chances to win – wahoo!):

  • “Like” THRIVE on Facebook or tell me if you already do – 1 entry

  • Tell me what type of projects you’d like this next year on THRIVE – 1 entry

  • Tell me your favorite item from Paul Street Shop; follow/subscribe to Show Tell Share – 1 entry each

  • Head over to Handcrafted by Natasha Brenchley— what is the name of your favorite item? 1 entry

  • “Like” Carolina Pear on Facebook; tell me your favorite item from their shop – 1 entry each

  • “Like”Artfully Caroline on Facebook; follow/subscribe to Artfully Caroline – 1 entry each

  • “Like” Kitty Cats & Airplanes on Facebook; tell me your favorite item from their shop – 1 entry each

  • “Like” Peach Street Boutique on Facebook; tell me your favorite item from their shop – 1 entry each

  • “Like” Rip’d-n-stchd on Facebook; follow/subscribe to Rip’d-n-stchd – 1 entry each


That’s lots of prizes, lots of chances to win, lots of great new shops to visit!

The drawings for ALL 7 GIVEAWAYS will be open through 10 pm MST Friday, October 21st. The drawings will be held on Saturday morning, October 22nd and winners will be notified by email and on a THRIVE post. Prizes unclaimed after 48 hours will be forfeited and new winners drawn. Good Luck!!


200 thoughts on “Choose To Thrive Birthday Week and Giveaway!”

  1. I would love to see more remodeling projects, and I would love to see more rock what you got….love it!!


    mi3ragamuffins at aol dot com

  2. Congratulations sweetie! I can't believe your blog is only one. When I signed up quite a while ago I thought you'd been at it for ages!

    Well done and keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Oh my! I love the Dangle Beaded Earrings – Swarovski Crystal, Red garnet, Freshwater Pearls and Bali Silver from Paul Street Shop but the Gunmetal Chain and Crystal Necklace – Bib Style, three strand necklace is pretty awesome too!

  4. WOW! Those are some amazing prizes. I love all of them. I am an email subscriber and have been for almost the whole year. Love your stuff. Now I am off to check out the other sites. I'll be back to add more comments!
    Oh and by the way I 'like' the Choose To Thrive Facebook page too.

  5. My favourite item from Paul Street shop is the beautiful Blue and Brown Beaded Bracelet- Copper, Turquoise, Crystals. I added the store to my favourites.
    chick 256 at g mail dot com

  6. What type of projects would I like to see next year on Thrive? I like everything you do, so keep rockin' what ya got! But I especially like the home decor category.

  7. Well, talk about a 'sugar-overload-on-EYE CANDY!!' 😉 It's ALL yummy, but my fave candy of choice is the delectably scrumptious flower jewelry/accessories at Kitty Cats & Airplanes. Would delight in & be blessed to wear any of those pretties! Thanks much for the giveaway!

  8. I love your blog already, so it's hard to think of an area you might be overlooking. All I know is, the temptation is there, everyday, everywhere on the web, for me to spend money (and time!) on something I don't need or can't use.

    For example, I'm loving art journaling, in part because I never took art in school (I was a band geek) but almost every artist I love has 2-5 "classes" where you pay to learn a new technique, or in general, how to do what they do. The problem is, being a total novice, I'm tempted to pay for "art lessons," when I'm still (literally) using Crayola paintbrushes–but these aren't art lessons, they're advanced techniques that in the end just leave me more confused.

    (Mind you, I think these artists are wonderful, I don't blame them for trying to make a living off of their work–I just need to learn my ABC's before reading Shakespeare!)

    I try to keep your blog/situation/advice in my head and have a "use whatcha got" mentality, and it helps in all kinds of ways.

    So, wow, this wasn't supposed to be such a long answer…. I guess just keep doing what you do. Don't become one of those bloggers who make every new product on the market seem like something you just HAVE to go buy–I can paint with the acrylic craft paint I already own, I don't "need" to go buy all the new Martha Stewart paints even though they're super-awesome.

    (Does that help? Or offend? I didn't mean to offend, and now I'm a little scared Martha Stewart is going to show up at my door and proceed to prove why she's super-awesome and never let me criticize her again….)

  9. From Handcrafted by Natasha Brenchley, I love the Red Jolly Roger Knit Earflap Hat- Adult Sized, but I probably wouldn't wear it–so I love the Queen Ann's Lace- Crochet Scarves more 🙂

  10. From Paul Street Shop, I love the Copper, Crystal, Freshwater Pearls, and White Turquoise Necklace that's been sold already. I love the multi-strand, tangled necklace look that's so popular right now.

  11. Wow! This is a hard choice–all of Peach Street Boutique's stuff is cute, and the customization makes the possibilities endless!

    I would buy a set of four curly Q letter plaques in Greens, Blues & Browns. Each (rectangle) plaque measures 7" tall x 5" wide. I'd use "XOXO" for my letters.

  12. I'm now following Artfully Caroline thru Google Friend Connect. I love what her banner says: how crafting and blogging took over my basement and my free-time, and how it's made me a happier person.

  13. I am already a "Happy" follower and I wish you many more Thrive Birthdays! Just keep doing whatcha do and be true to yourself – your readers enjoy watching you grow and create great projects. Thanks for inspiring us!! AJ@queenofmynest

  14. Love all the cute wood letters on Peach Street Botique- my favorite are on the longer rectangles/oval shaped backround pieces. (pick me!)

  15. Subscribed to Rip'd-n-stchd

    Whew I think that is close to all of the entries… HAPPY BIRTHDAY THRIVE! Thank you for the giveaways.

  16. From Paul Street Shop, I'd be most interested in the Bag PDF sewing pattern and tutorial – Satchel. I've been looking for a bag like that for work!

    stacyhaugen at gmail dot com

  17. From Peach Street, the item I liked the best (colors that match my decor) was 5 Wooden Letters Name Set Custom Colors Made to Order – Set of Five 7" INCH – Nursery, Child's Room, Home Decor, Showers, Gifts.

    stacyhaugen at gmail dot com

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