The Bat-Scrap Organizer … out of sugar cookies!

I have two problems. 

Problem #1:

I have tons of ribbon and string and twine and ric rac that I rarely use because they’re in jammed in a shoe tote in a tangled mess.


Problem #2:

Our school district has an annoying policy of store-bought only treats for birthdays which means I’m forced to cough up over $10 bucks for lousy cookies instead of doing something cute and homemade.


But after whining to Mr. Thrive, it occurred to me that I could solve both problems with the same frosting-smeared solution:


I Give You: The Bat-Scrap Organizer


Trust me on this one. 

These cookie containers will rescue your ribbon supply from the forces of chaos.

Just grab some cardboard, a canning ring and your nicest, broken crayon and cut out enough circles to fill a cookie tray.


Then notch out the top and bottom ala bat wings to make room to wrap your ribbon. 


A quick slit in the bottom holds scraps in place while you wrap …


… and before you can say, “Robin, to the Bat Cave!” you’ve got a tidy little Bat-Scrap organizer for your twine.


Or ten tidy little Bat-Scraps all nice and organized.


And someday when I have oodles of free time, I’ll actually paint these little Bat-Scrap organizers to make them cute and less box-ishUntil then, ugly works.


No more chaos … no more tangles … no more searching for scraps.


And storage takes up hardly any space on the shelf since they stack neatly. Love that.


(And yeah … I’m going to go re-wash these bad boys and get all those water marks off ASAP. Robin, to the Bat Soap!)

So there you go.

Chaos defeated. Scraps corralled. Order restored.

Thanks Batman!


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43 thoughts on “The Bat-Scrap Organizer … out of sugar cookies!”

  1. You always amaze me! Great solution once again.

    And ONLY store bought?? Are you freaking kidding me?? The store bought stuff tastes like cardboard. Why would we do that to our precious children? 🙂

  2. That is fantastic!! and give me more than enough reason to not only go out and buy the sugar cookies but to eat them as fast as I can as well!!:)

  3. My moms a scrapbooker and ALWAYS buys those cookies! I am going to forward this to her. She has LOTS of scraps. I unfortuantly cant stand the frosting that is on them. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  4. Great idea! Zam!! Pow!! I feel like I need to figure out a better solution for my trim odds and ends, now. And I loathe the store-bought only treats policies, too. I don't necessarily do super cute treats for every birthday, but what I cook is at least super tasty. I hate that your options basically boil down to some inferior store-bought overpriced thing that tastes like Crisco or something lame like a pencil or eraser. Some of my favorite memories of elementary school are the cupcakes people's moms would bring in for birthdays. Anyway, not to threadjack, but you brought it up :). Have a great weekend!!

  5. This is a great idea if I can only find those cookie containers!! Covering the cardboard with pretty paper before cutting the ribbon holders out would really make this a pretty display case!

  6. Super idea…now off to buy some cookies! I have several containers full of that same mess! Thanks for sharing the simple/clever idea.

  7. What in the world? I don't understand the no baking rule at the school. Our school has a no sugary snacks rule–even for birthdays. Sigh.
    Okay, I love this idea–so economical, clever and organized–right up my alley!
    I featured your idea on my Friday Favorites on Calico and Cupcakes. Grab a featured button if you would like. Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. Nike – this is such a fantsatic idea! I have all my scraps thrown in a glass jar and end up pulling every single one out when I am looking for something – genius! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase – I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today! Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  9. Realy great idea! Mine are also in a bag. I end up bying new ones for projects because I do not know anymore what I have. Thank u for sharing

  10. As a parent of a child with multiple food allergies, including peanuts and blue dye #1, I can understand the store bought treats. She only has a few candies she can eat, and many many treats are produced in a plant that processes peanuts. So for us, a list of ingredients is a must. However, I also send in a lot of safe treats and candy at the beginning of the school year, so that if something is brought that she is allergic to, it can be swapped out with non allergenic stuff for her. That way the other parents aren't put out and I don't have any frantic calls from the school nurse because they had to call 911 because they administered an epipen injection to save her life because of an accidental ingestion of peanuts.

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