Occassionally THRIVE will run a sponsored post for which I am compensated with either a free product to review and/or a commission on sales. Such compensation is for time to review the product only — I am not paid to write posts or provide opinions that are not my own. Any recommendation on THRIVE will be based on my own, geniune experience with any sponsored product. If I love it, I’ll tell you. If I hate it, I’ll tell you that, too. All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such.


THRIVE will occasional run sponsored posts for items that fit well with the THRIVE philosophy of Rocking What Ya Got. Ideal partnerships would be for items considered “staples” in crafting and home decor, specifically consumables and basic tools. Any items advertised with sponsored posts will be items that I personally use and am willing to spend my own money on. THRIVE readers trust the THRIVE brand to provide no-cost solutions for crafting and living and are generally not interested in luxury brands and/or expensive gadgets that can easily be replaced with a simpler solution. THRIVE readers are looking for tried-and-true cratfing or DIYing items that multi-task well and are reasonably priced. Please email me at choosetothriveblog at gmail dot com for more information on scheduling, product launches and pricing.