5 Fabulous Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Plans

Saving money on weddings can seem something of an oxymoron. As any blushing bride will attest, spending a lot of money and planning a wedding go hand in hand. That need not be the case.

If you consider yourself to be something of a frugal bride, then this handy guide will give you great cost saving exercises that you can implement into the planning your big day:

1. Forgo the Church

Many brides want to get married in a church as it forms part of the ‘big, white wedding’ dream. However, getting married in a church is notoriously expensive. If you want to save money on your venue costs, then you need to start looking around for other wedding venues.

There is a great selection of alternative wedding venues in the UK, which are still as beautiful, and grand, as getting wed in a church.There are hotels, parks, town halls and registry offices to name but a few. This means that you can still have a white wedding, but on a budget in a great wedding venue.

2. Get Crafty

If you want to save a fortune on wedding stationery, which is hideously expensive, then you need to start getting creative and start making your own. With a plethora of arts and crafts shops, you will be spoilt for choice. Enlist the help of the bridal party to assist with the creating, and making, of the invitations.

3. Invite Less People

While this handy tip may seem commonsensical, inviting fewer people to your wedding will save you a lot of money. This means that you may not be able to invite your aunt that you haven’t seen in years, but it does mean that you will get the people there that you want involved with your big day.

Think about your close friends and family, and don’t invite long lost relatives or someone you met in a pub once. You will save a small fortune in the process. Having a small, select wedding will be a blessing.

4. Pre-Loved Bargains

Saving money is imperative when planning your big day, so it may be time to start digging around for pre-loved bargains. You can shop for pre-loved accessories, such as veils and tiaras, or you can look for second hand table decorations. If you are feeling particularly thrifty you can look online for pre-loved bridesmaid dresses.

Scour charity shops, factory outlet stores and eBay for some serious bargains. You can still have a beautiful wedding, but you do not have to spend mega bucks to achieve it.

5. Use Paper Flowers

Fresh flowers can be pricey, but many brides do not want to forgo flowers on their big day. You can still have a picture perfect bouquet, but at a snip of the cost should you choose to have paper flowers.

Paper flowers look amazing and are a cost-effective solution for brides on a budget. They look particularly beautiful when formed part of a vintage wedding theme. Your paper flowers can have beautiful pearl and gem adornments to ensure that they sparkle on your big day. You could even try making them yourself for that extra special touch.