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Summer Road Trip #1: Car Snacks

Happy Monday everyone! I’m so excited to be blogging from my hometown in Washington following a 13 hour drive Saturday with our Dirty Half Dozen.

And thanks to a little planning, the trip was actually … awesome.  The kids did great, we made good time and even managed to save enough money on travel snacks to be able to afford gas for the trip home–ha!

So this week I’ll be sharing some THRIVE friendly tips for surviving those summer road trips without breaking the bank or loosing your mind.  And as always, you should be able to pull together these easy snack ideas without a run to the store

Today’s feature: 3 easy snacks for the road or camp ground.

1) Empty peanut butter jar + celery sicks

celery sicks

Finally a way to have p.b. and celery without the mess. Fill an empty jar with an inch or two of peanut butter and then fill with celery sticks. Kids get a yummy snack without sticky fingers and the car stays free of kid schmeer.

2) Empty sour cream container + empty baby food jar

Carrot Road Trip Snacks

A quick way to pull off carrots and dressing without the dragging the jar along or buying those expensive to-go dressing singles.

3) Empty 32 oz. yogurt container + single serving yoplait

Easy peasy fruit slices and dip. So yummy straight from the cooler at a camp site or rest stop.



So there you go–easy straight-from-the-recycling-bin solutions for eating well on the road.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some great ideas for keeping the kids entertained.

~ Nike


Summer Road Trip Car Snacks

87 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip #1: Car Snacks”

  1. Oh my! This could work even if you were just at home. What a great way to have snacks ready all the time. Since I found your blog I have been saving all the jars and cans I get because I never want to miss a chance to THRIVE! Thank you.

  2. Those are awesome ideas. My kids love anything with dips, but I'm always hesitant to pack them in the car ~ your solution is fantastic.

  3. Great idea for putting together to-go snacks. I was driving home from errands just today and thinking I need to get on top of that (as my 4-year-old was reminding me every five seconds "My tummy is telling me it is hungry, mom"). Have fun here in Washington! The weather is beautiful this week!

  4. Great ideas! I will definitely be putting these to use. And forget the kids- great for keeping the calories down as I attempt to lose the baby weight! Better than cheetos at the gas station…

  5. I saw this on Pinterest. What GREAT ideas!! I'm on Weight Watchers right now and this would actually be a really great way to eat my healthy snacks while traveling. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. What a great idea! What I love the most about your site is you always get my wheels turning…and I find myself rocking what I got. I'm thinking that the tubs from deli meat can become individual lunch pails, filled with what I know each kid will eat. I'll be using this next month on our 6 hour road trip/move.

    Thought of you the other day…I have recently started using essential oils on a regular basis for home health care and needed something to carry them in. Inspiration struck when I was testing my blood sugar, and I retrofitted a glucose meter case with elastic. Now 14 of my oils are with me wherever I go, and it cost nothing (instead of $16.95, the going rate for one of those things). But seriously, you inspire me to think this way!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas! The apples and yogurt will go over like magic with my little guys I do believe 🙂 Thank you for sharing your awesomeness! 🙂 Here from TT&J 🙂

  8. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them! We are about to move out of state with 7 kids, and I've been looking for some new road trip snack ideas. I love these!

  9. Fantastic ideas! I would have to throw some rasins in with the celery and pb! About to take a family trip and will be using these ideas! Thanks!

    We will also be taking homemade dehydrated fruit leathers. Another great travel snack.
    Btw.. Found you on craftgossip is me!

  10. So simple yet so smart!! Thanks for sharing!!

    I would love it if you would come link this up at Freestyle Friday (it's open all weekend) at

    Happy to be your newest follower ~ Adrianne

  11. What a brilliant traveling snack idea! I love the peanutbutter and celery! I mentioned them in the outdoors forum, around the campfire and would love for you to join in the conversation with any other ideas you might have!

  12. These look like pretty solid ideas for a road trip with kids on board. Something that's not messy is ideal. Stuff like those would be easier to manage for the people on board.

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  14. I have reusable silicone muffin cups that I use in sandwich boxes to make a "lunchable". Roll up cold cuts, (or pack pepperoni sticks) and then tuck two muffin cups in opposide corners of the sandwich box and put cheese cubes in one, and round crackers in the other. once the lid goes on everything stays in place (that wouldn't work for runny things like dips, though–I like your ideas for that!)

  15. Am I the only one wondering how in the world you got that peanut butter into the bottom of that jar, especially without getting it all over the sides??
    Great ideas though, I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

  16. Am I the only one wondering how in the world you got that peanut butter into the bottom of that jar, especially without getting it all over the sides??
    Great ideas though, I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

  17. Hello, I love the name of your site. Thanks for sharing your experiences and delicious recipes with us.

    It's easy to see that you are very passionate about what you do.

    Thanks again,


  18. Hi Nike…just came here via your snacks pinned on Pinterest. Love your clever recycle of containers used. Can I offer a suggestion? Instead of store bought cleaned carrots like the ones in the photo…I would recommend buying regular carrots and cleaning and cutting them into sticks. I found out that the pre-cleaned "baby carrots" are not baby carrots at all but are broken carrots ground down to size and dipped in chlorine to preserve during shipping. That's why they are covered in a white film when you buy them. Chlorine is cause for concern when it comes to cancer and we stopped buying these as soon as we hear how they were processed. Hope this helps.


  19. Not only great for car snacks! Great for on the go PCOS-ers trying to keep their GI levels in check!
    Peanut Butter GI: 0 & Celery GI: 1
    Carrots & Dressing GI: 0
    Yogurt GI: Up to 17 & Apples GI: 3
    Love these ideas!

  20. We traveled to Utah last month and took the time the thaw out our fridge so everything cold came with us, including a whole carton of eggs….well, I hard-boiled them. Those, deli salami and the baybel cheese rounds were the perfect snack when we weren't ready to stop yet for something more filling. I could definitely go for peanut butter & celery, though 🙂

  21. Thanks for the tips! I reposted the celery trick on Americas Best Value Inn Facebook page ( I'm certain it will be shared…a lot! Thanks for the great blog!

  22. Excellent ! We are going to be doing a of of long distance traveling this year, and we need more of these ideas! Any suggestions appreciated! We prefer to stop at a "rest stop" and have a quick, or leisurely picnic lunch, instead of fast food. Yuk!

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