LOVE Me Some Burlap Valentine’s Door Hanging

Happy belated—very belated—2012 everyone!

It’s been a crazy start for our family and I’d hoped to have my first couple projects up by now along with letting you know about some fun changes to THRIVE this year. But since this post is out much later than I’d hoped, I’ll save all that stuff for another post later this month and just skip to the good stuff.

I spent the last week of 2011 happily sketching Valentine’s ideas for our front door to go up as soon as our New Year’s get up was ready to be retired.

Right now I’m crushing on neutrals, pastel Conversation Heart candy everything and vintage ephemera. But as it turns out, these go together as well as oil and water. It’s probably how I wound up with several fun, but totally different ideas.

Seriously, I couldn’t pick just one.

So I decided to make a bunch of them and have you help me pick the one that will greet our neighbors until mid February. And to say thanks for your help, I’ll toss in a prize for fun.  And for those runner up projects, I may just end up with the most festive bath and laundry rooms out there.

So here’s option one: Neutrals


BURLAP and an old POLO SHIRT for a neutral, texture-y Valentine’s Day look similar in feel to the one I sported on my door last year.

Simple neutral loveliness kids.


Of course, red letters would look pretty sweet, too.


Yup. Me like-y.

(All you smarty pants out there have probably already pointed out that this option is technically 1-a and 1-b, but I’m gonna run with it.)

And because I’m on a mission to make cardboard the new black, there’s plenty of box love to spread around in this super-fast door hanging.

What to make your own?

You’ll need:


— and —


And as always I hope you’ll rock what ya got and adapt this little number using whatever you have on hand.

This is so simple: 

cover squares using hot glue …


… attach squares with tape …


… glue 11’’ x 11’’ on the back to cover the tape and add stability.


(Yup, I’m busted. I totally used a {clean} pizza box lid for this project. Who says ‘Rock What Ya Got’ can’t be cheap and tasty?)

For the letters, print out your letters from the template here.

Iron some Heat ‘n’ Bond or Wonder Under (any weight) on your fabric before cutting out the letters.


This will keep the burlap from fraying and allow you to iron the letters straight to the base without extra glue.

Position letters and iron in place without steam.


Add some ribbon, string, robe, or whatever to the back with a little tape and you’re ready to show your front door some LOVE.

So there you go:

the first option(s) for my door.

Jan 2012 BLOG

Quick, easy and Valentines-y cute without the sugar rush of the regular red/pink/purple thing.

Although don’t worry you sugar rush lovers – I’ve got something for you, too.

And  hey … let me know if you’d go with the red or white felt for the letters, okay?


(And if you’ve emailed me questions while I was on break, I should be caught up by week’s end. Thanks so much for your patience!)

19 thoughts on “LOVE Me Some Burlap Valentine’s Door Hanging”

  1. Definitely the neutral one is my favorite – I agree red is a great idea but the letters seem to run together. I love your recycled pizza box top…lol

  2. love them both, I have a red door so i'm not use which one i'd do. I will think about it. Love how it is light, quick and inexpensive. Thank you. I am trying to rock what i'v got. Do you do linky parties? I think there are many of us that need to appreciate what we have and not compare. I'd like that kind of fellowship. Just restarting my blog so, lots of things to come as I get started.

  3. I liked the red initially but the more I lookat them the more I prefer the neutral. If you needed red I'd sub red for all the white fabric.

    Thought of you yesterday when I picked up my son's outgrown puffy vest with a broken zipper…it's becoming a case for my kindle. It's already padded and even has a pocket for the charging cable. How perfect is that?

  4. Welcome back from your winter sabbatical :). I hope everyone is healthy and happy and that you had a great Christmas. Cute, cute project. I like the red one, but I would like the white/tan one in a certain setting. I guess it just depends…

  5. So proud your back, Hope you and family had a great CHristmas holiday..
    I love,love this ..Such a fantastic idea..I will be trying it.
    I vote the neutral one.[however, I really love both of them]

  6. I just found your blog via pintrest and I love it already! My favorite is the neutral- just so clean and classic! Thanks for the awsome ideas.

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