Valentine’s Day Window

Confession: I’m not that big into decorating for Valentine’s Day.

I like the holiday, but have never been the sort to break out the red and pink around the house. The front door is about as much as I’ll ever do like I did hereherehere and here. And the whole no-hearts thing has been even more true the last five years since we welcomed our 5th kid on Valentine’s Day night during what should have been our special dinner. Now you’re more likely to see balloons and streamers on the 14th  instead of hearts and flowers.

But oh my word.

My kids think I’m the meanest mom ever for not decorating our house like their bulletin boards at school. So I caved and threw together a quick, free Valentine’s project that the kids were able to help me with.


Ta-da. My kids are now speaking to me again.

This came together super fast using an old window frame in my living room that had been sitting bare since Christmas.


(A large picture frame would work, t00.)

A quick wrap with some twine  …


… some printouts of family pictures and conversation heart-esque names on cardstock …

Jan 2012 BLOG-3

… and some left over dollar store clothes bins that got a quick coat of craft paint.


Assembly took all of three minutes and could be swapped out easily for any season or holiday using the same materials.


And while I won’t admit this to my kids, I actually love seeing all the wedding and anniversary pictures from the great love stories in our family:

siblings and parents …


… grandparents and great-grandparents …


… even me and Mr. Thrive.


Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


We’ll be celebrating five awesome years with our best Valentine’s Day present ever.



11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Window”

  1. I like this a lot!

    I'm with you. after fall and Christmas, I kind of take a break from Holiday decorating, and (try) to employ a clean an decluttered look. Right now I am failing at this. However, Tomorrow we have a Dr. Seuss Party, then all the blue will come down leaving us with red and white decor for a few days.

  2. Well I am personally glad that you decided to decorate this year because I love this idea. I have an old window and would love to try this. It would even be great without the hearts just to display your beautiful photos.Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  3. I must confess, I dont decorate for Valentines Day eihter, [sorry kiddos].. But this is a really cute idea… [even after valentines day].. Love the clothes pins.. Proud you made the kids happy and Congradulations on the pretty sweet baby..

  4. My parents can sympathize, I was born on their 7th Wedding Anniversary. The Doc had the nerve to ask her if she was going to celebrate that way every year! Anyway, I never forget their Anniversary!

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