Kicking Ugly To The Curb: The $3 Mailbox Make-Over

Ever notice how the threat of company stopping by can motivate you to finish those someday projects?

Well this week’s visitors finally got me outside to make over our curb-side travesty of a mailbox.

Oh sheesh this thing is bad.


I mean swinging-from-the-ugly-tree bad.


Just check out that chipped paint, rusted top, peeling house numbers and seriously thrashed post. Our neighbors must hate us.


But since Katie proved that spray paint and sanding can save anything, I figured a mailbox make over was worth a shot.

I mean really … could the thing look any worse?

I removed the peeling, reflective house numbers with Goo Gone and then scrubbed away the residue with a little soap and steel wool.


Next is was the fine sand paper + damp cloth wipe down + coat of primer routine.

Aug 2011 BLOG1-4

Finally two coats of high gloss spray paint on both the box and post + a day to dry …


… and my neighbors are speaking to me once again.


And thanks to my handy-dandy Silhouette machine, I was able to cut out new house numbers to replace those awful reflective ones.

Since I’m not thrilled about showing my address on the ‘ol blog, so I’ll show you the photoshopped version using the same Porcelain font and ivory vinyl that I did use.


Ah, dignity …


… how I’ve missed you.



The paint, primer and vinyl were all zero out-of-pocket supplies for me since I had them on hand, but the cost from the store is dirt cheap:

Walmart cheapy spray paint primer – $0.99

Walmart cheapy high gloss spray paint – $0.99

Scrap vinyl or contact paper – $1.00

So whether you’re rockin’ what ya got for paint or buying this from scratch, $0-$3 bucks for a total curb-side face lift ain’t bad at all.



Enjoy your weekend and go show that mailbox some love!


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9 thoughts on “Kicking Ugly To The Curb: The $3 Mailbox Make-Over”

  1. I love your rock what you got attitude! I love following your blog and get some much inspiration from it! Keep it up girl! You are rocking! I wish I could fill my day with as much awesomeness as you do! 🙂

  2. I LOVE the font that you used for your house numbers. I have a crazy strict homeowners association so I don't think I could do that on my mailbox 🙁

    I just found your blog this evening and I've already wasted a good hour reading it! You have fantastic ideas and so inexpensive! My husband and I are ambitious diy-ers, and already I have learned a lot of little tricks to save us money on all our "projects" from your blog. Thanks a bunch!


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